Corporate social responsibility

The responsibility for environmental protection is deeply embedded in the policies of PALLADIUM Ltd. We have taken on the difficult task of investing in protecting our planet from excessive textile pollution.

Corporate social responsibility

We sew our clothes responsibly together with you!

Our choice to sew with recycled fabrics is a cause we believe in and work with every day so that we can contribute to improving the quality of life on Earth. The idea to build our policy in this way is dictated by the need to maintain social and economic importance in the textile sector. In order to be able to realize our corporate social responsibility, it is also necessary for everyone to contribute. We call on everyone who wants to be part of our cause not to throw their unnecessary clothes in the trash, but to take them for recycling to designated areas.

The textile recycling process is as sparing as possible and requires the least amount of additional resources. This is one of the most environmentally friendly processes in the processing of recyclable materials. Almost all textile products can be processed, except for a very small part of them, which are absolutely unsuitable for this purpose.

The textile industry is one of the main factors for environmental pollution. Therefore, as a socially responsible company, we will continue our "green" policy, trying to sew more and more medical and work clothes with fabrics from recycled raw materials!