ISO Certificates

ISO 14001 Environmental management

PALLADIUM Ltd. relies on consistent policies and strictly adheres to their implementation. The company is extremely committed to environmental protection. The protection, care and preservation of favorable living conditions on the planet are the basic principles that determine business policy.

Protection and reduction of the impact of the anthropogenic factor on the environment for part of the corporate social responsibility of PALLADIUM Ltd.

The company strives to gain the trust of its customers and third stakeholders by following a certain algorithm of action related to integrated environmental policies.

The principles we follow to achieve maximum efficiency are:

  • Effective environmental policy management applicable to the company's activities;
  • Strict observance of legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Periodic inspection, reporting and increasing the effectiveness of the set goals for environmental protection;
  • Pollution prevention by providing textiles for recycling in appropriate places;
  • Changing the culture of employees through training to increase their responsibility to the environment;
  • Building a stable Corporate Social Responsibility, which should use recycled fabrics for part of the production;
  • Building a reputation based on green policies;
  • Adequate management of natural resources for environmental protection and economic growth.

ISO 9001 Quality Management

Quality and quality control are part of the principles of PALLADIUM Ltd. Maintaining a high standard of production and distribution are under constant control in order to improve and enhance the services offered. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, the company is committed to meeting the following requirements:

  • Daily satisfaction of customers and third party stakeholders;
  • Personal approach to each customer
  • Maximum fast service and provision of solutions in case of cases
  • Providing professional and high-quality work equipment in order to optimally efficient work
  • processes and high-quality end products;
  • Creating loyal and long-term relationships with partners and subcontractors;
  • Selection of qualified and responsible staff;
  • Internal training and team building in order to increase the competence of the employees
  • Adequate risk management;
  • Intuition for good business orientation, flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic development environment;
  • Organic and consistent policy in order to build a stable reputation.

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems

The management of PALLADIUM Ltd. is responsible for its commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment. Identify possible risks and minimize their occurrence.

The parameters of the commitment comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act, regulations, ordinances, applicable standards and others.
PALLADIUM Ltd. fulfills the stated commitment as follows:

  • Provides the safest working environment in order to increase the security of staff;
  • Manages and controls the work processes in order to increase the productivity of the company;
  • Strictly monitors compliance with the law on health and safety in order to prevent injuries;
  • Integrates injury risk reduction systems through a number of regulated precautionary measures agreed and approved by the company's management;
  • The management systematically monitors, analyzes and improves the measures for healthy and safe working conditions;
  • The company organizes regular training to improve staff in order to improve the company's productivity;
  • Carries out regular monitoring of the organizational culture for health and safety, in order to improve and optimize company processes.

For PALLADIUM Ltd. safety, favorable working conditions and health are set as a priority in management policy. Commitment to employees is also a fundamental factor for achieving better results and success, such as:

  • Better business opportunities;
  • Achieving customer satisfaction;
  • Adequate risk management;
  • Improving stakeholder relations;
  • Reduction of operating costs.